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Sneak Peek! Ch 5. Forging Humans: Broken and Surviving

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Chapter 5

Shit! First, I’m abducted by psychos, and now I’m taken by super freaks. Sadie sat in the front seat and rested her head on the car window. A migraine had been working on her nerves ever since they’d left the basement, and it had grown worse with the passing chaos of the day.

They had approached the city limits when a police car came from behind and flashed its lights. Quail drove to the side of the road and said, “It’s okay. Everything will be all right.”

“Yeah. This is a shit show,” said Jumei.

“I guess we’re all criminals,” said Sadie.

Maddy remained quiet and observed the situation as if she were a bystander who had nothing to do with them.

After Quail pulled over, she opened the window, and the policeman walked to her door with his flashlight. “Good evening, officer, did I do something wrong?”

He pointed his light at Quail’s face, turned it away, and said, “No, miss. I stopped you, because we’re looking for a bunch of women running around in paper gowns.” The man pulled out a picture of the cruiser that the women had stolen earlier and asked if they had seen the car.

“No, officer, I haven’t seen it,” said Quail. She turned to the Jumei, Maddy, and Sadie. “Hey, did any of you see this car?” The other women stated that they hadn’t seen it.

While they answered his questions, Sadie screamed internally. She wanted to run out of the car, yet she restrained herself. This officer wouldn’t be able to help her.

A voice came over the officer’s radio. He confirmed his call, wished Quail a good night, and returned to his car. Everyone shifted in their seats. It was amusing and nervous relief.

Hours later, they continued to drive late into the night time countryside. The city was behind them, but today’s events wouldn’t allow Sadie to sleep.

“Are you all right?” said Quail as she nudged Sadie with her elbow. Sadie turned to face her, but Quail didn’t take her eyes off the road.

“No,” said Sadie. “I’m stuck here with all of you, and it’s your fault.”

“Sorry about that. I want to go home too. What was your name again?” said Quail. When Sadie didn’t answer, Quail shrugged. “That’s okay. I don’t mind talking to myself.”

Sadie leaned on the window again and considered jumping out of the car.

“We’re lucky to escape that prison,” said Quail. “They would’ve done anything to keep us under control.”

“You were a prisoner?” said Sadie.

“Yes, we all were. We’ve been their lab rats for a long time.” Quail showed her tattooed hand and pointed to the one on her forehead. “They poured molten metal onto my skin, eleven times, with no anesthetic.”

It was a gruesome image for Sadie. She rubbed the back of her hand and wondered if that would’ve happened to her. “How did you plan our escape?”

“I didn’t make the plan.” Quail raised her hand and jabbed her thumb to the back seats. “Maddy organized the whole thing.”

The giant lady? Sadie checked the back seats. Maddy was asleep with Jumei snoozing by her side. Then Sadie whispered, “Is she psychic or what?”

“I’m not sure,” said Quail. “Sometimes you need help, and sometimes strangers want to help. Especially when you’re both in prison.”


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