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Oh my... I'm a Silly Head. Here's one more Sneak Peak!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

My book is out and I didn't even know it! I blame my ignorance for not knowing all the details for Amazon, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy what I have. This will be the last sneak peek. The paperback book is available for everyone on Amazon (Make sure to search under the Books category.) If you've enjoyed what you've read, the book is waiting for you. Thank you for everything. Have a lovely day.

Chapter 8

Sadie walked with irritation and boredom on the brain. The people and the buildings were outdated. Castle Rock was close to Seattle, but it was arranged like a small town in the country side. She was a foreigner and an outcast.

“Why are you helping me?” said Sadie.

Quail stopped walking and raised a questioning eyebrow. “Because you’ve been through hell?”

“So have you.”

“You could say I’m helping myself too.”

They entered into a shop called Main Cloth, and they almost missed the sign, because the wood and paint were faded. The inside of the building was lit with decorative lamps, and the lights made the clothes look nicer on the sales floor. No one else was in the store, except, for the old woman at the magazine rack.

“You know I’m leaving,” said Sadie. “You can’t change that.”

“I know. I’m only trying to make it easier.” Quail slung several shirts on to her arm and compared them against her waist before putting them into Sadie’s arms. “We’re about the same size. These should fit you.”

It was too forced, and Sadie didn’t want Quail’s token kindness. She took the clothes Quail had gathered, and threw them on to the floor. The old woman was busy muttering to herself while she read her magazine.

“Stop acting nice!” said Sadie. “What do you want from me?”

“I have a younger brother and sister.” Quail explained how she had helped her siblings with their homework and prepared dinner for them every day. She paused and struggled to speak.

Is she crying? What is she saying? Oh… How could I not recognize trauma and depression? Sadie picked up the pants she’d thrown to the floor. She pretended to read the tag, yet she couldn’t ignore the ball of emotion in front of her.

Quail described how her siblings helped around the house with chores and her parents worked six days a week to support them. It was a nice family arrangement that taught her maturity. Her siblings were her best friends, and she was their surrogate parent.

“I apologize,” said Quail, “I’ll try to tone it down.”

Can I be more insensitive? Sadie sighed and said, “I’m sorry. You’re doing good. I’ll try to be helpful.”

“What are you doing in my store?” said the old woman. She put the magazine on the counter and squinted at Quail. “You must be those kids that came in last night.”

Although Castle Rock had a small-town mentality, it was far from being small. “Yes, we’re visiting,” said Sadie. “How did you know?”

“Well, I don’t mean to brag, but I know the hotel manager.” The old woman chuckled. “He told me that a couple of young lasses came joy riding into town.”

The old woman looked around the store, and she frowned. “I thought you had a tall blond friend?”

“She’s visiting other stores,” said Quail. She picked up the pile of clothes from the floor. “Do you have changing rooms?”

“It’s in the back, by the hats,” said the old woman. “I don’t sell sexy, but I do have durable and soft. Take your time.”

When the owner was out of earshot, Sadie whispered, “What happened last night?”

“Too much,” said Quail as she rubbed her forehead. “Maddy told the motel manager that we were a couple. She talked him into giving us a discount.”

Sadie burst out laughing and almost knocked a shelf over. Quail had a fine blush on her cheeks, and she hurried them to the changing rooms.

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