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Crystal Scar (Section 5: Good Medicine)

“Sky Breaker to Gerard.”

“Sky Breaker to Captain Bahaul?”

“For God sake! Swog to Gerard, come in, please.”

“What? This isn’t a dream?” said Gerard. He checked his clock—he had been free floating in space for two hours and forty-five minutes.

“Were you sleeping this entire time? What happened to the crew?”

“Mostly dead, I think… Did you know that Bahaul was after that thing?”

“The captain told me the story five years ago…” Swog explained how Bahaul wanted someone to assist his rehab while he commanded his ship. Bahaul had proclaimed how he had nearly perished, because a monster destroyed his crew and he found a fortune to hunt the beast.

Something beeped. Gerard scanned his suit, but he heard the pressing of buttons through his speaker. “Are you having trouble with the communication link?”

“No, my piloting skills are a little rusty,” said Swog. “Also I had to invert the controls to take control of the ship.”

“Doctor, you’re amazing. What’s your ETA?”

“Thirty-nine minutes.”

“That’s good news.” Gerard tapped away on his touch screen and sighed. “I’ve activated a par of tracking beacons. First, pick up Sela and Milly. The other guy is a bastard, but he can be useful.”

“Good job. I was starting to wonder if everyone else was dead. I’ll grab you first—”

“Sela and Milly stuck inside a tiny ship. Their life support isn’t going to last.” Gerard chuckled. “I can wait for two more hours.”

“Very well. I got a full case of wine here. I don’t the stuff, but we’re going to share a few bottles to celebrate.”

“Aye aye captain.” Gerard smiled as Swog ended the call with a laugh. An indicator was blinking red on his visor—five minutes of air remained.

He looked upon the remains of the Sky Breaker and squinted his eyes. The cross section of the ship was glowing. It couldn’t be a fire and there were no radioactive materials in the cargo. Then he used the suit’s far range magnifier.

Gold was growing on the ship. As he observed the site, something bumped into him. It was a deformed golden cup. The gold resembled rust or mold. He beat the cup with his fist, but it wouldn’t shatter—it had become solid gold.

I see. Wish you could see this Mom. You always said there was magic out there. Sorry I couldn’t come home and make you feel better. Gerard typed where his mother could be found and added the combination of his safe.

His life wasn’t easy, and reality wasn’t kind. Space was no different, but even the terror of the unknown seemed to provide a comfort unlike any other.

Anesthesia through the loss and acceptance.

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